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X:1 T:Wood's Hornpipe M:C L:1/8 R:Hornpipe B:James Aird – Aird's 6th and Last Volume of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs (1803; No. 67, p. 26) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G DE/F/|G2G2G2 Bc|dBdg dBAG|edcB cBAG|FGAB A2 DE/F/| G2G2G2 Bc|dBdg dBAG|edcB cBAG|FGAB A2:| |:Bc|dBdg dBdg|eceg eceg|edcB cBAG|FGAB A2 Bc| dBdg dBdg|eceg eceg|gfed cBAG|D2G2G2:|]

WOOD'S HORNPIPE. AKA and see "Diable Hornpipe (Le)." English, Scottish; Hornpipe (whole time). G Major (Aird): A Major (Blackman, Howe, Laybourn, Wilson). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Blackman, Howe): AA'BB'. The melody also appears under the “Wood’s Hornpipe” title in the 1840 music manuscript collection of multi-instrumentalist John Rook, Wigton, Cumbria, and in several other English musicians' manuscript collections of the first half of the 19th century. It is nearly identical to the version printed in Kerr, save that the last measure of the ‘A’ part in the ms. goes

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Printed sources : - Aird (Aird's 6th and Last Volume of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs) 1803; No. 67, p. 26. Blackman (A Selection of the most favorite Hornpipes for the Violin), c. 1810-22; No. 5. Elias Howe (Musician’s Omnibus No. 6), Boston, 1880-1882; p. 600. Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 2), c. 1880’s; No. 356, p. 39. Laybourn (Köhler’s Violin Repository vol. 2), 1881-1885; p. 157. Wilson (Companion to the Ball Room), 1816; p. 140.

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