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X:1140 T:Wood Lake Waltz C:R. Montgomery M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:140 K:A A, CD|:"A"E3D EA|c2{Bc}B2A>E|"D "F3d B<d|"B7 "f4A2| "E "G3B e>g|b2g2e>g|"A "a3f e>d|c3A, CD|E3D EA| c2(3BcB A>E|"D "F3d B>d|"B7 "f3a g>f|"E "g3f ed|c3dB2| "A "[A3C3][AC][A2C2]|1[A3C3]A, CD:|2[A3C3]e f>g||:a2{cd}cB A>c|e2c3E| "D "F3d B<d|"B7 "f3e f>=g|"E "g3f f>e|[e2] B2A2|"A "c6| c3E Ac|(3fgf e3c|EA c3a|{fa}f2d2 A>F|"B7 "F3 f/g/a2| "E "g3f e>d|c3dB2|1"A"A3[cA][c2A2]|[c3A3]e f>g:|2"A"A>F E>D C>B,|A,6|]

WOOD LAKE WALTZ. Canada. Key of A. Composed by Robert Montgomery, Oyama, B.C. Oyama is on the shore of Wood Lake, between Kelowna and Vernon, B.C. Bob was an unbeatable fiddle champion in southern British Columbia contests in the 1970's and 1980's. He would show up at the contest, open up his case to make sure his fiddle was in tune and tighten the bow, and when it was his turn, play a perfect round with no warm-up. Other competitors marveled at his perfectly calm demeanor, until we found out that he had been a bomber pilot for the RAF in World War II, so a mere fiddle contest was nothing to get anxious about! This waltz has become a favorite among British Columbia fiddlers.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Williams (141 Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tunes Vol. 2). Gibbons (Folk Fiddling in Canada: A Sampling) p. 14.

Recorded sources : - Voyager 331 - Myllie Barron "Fiddler on the Loose" (1982).

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