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X:1 T:Wooden Ended Reel C:trad? N:"said by John Tams to be a Leadbelly tune" N:which I got from Alan Wood (melodeon, hammered dulcimer etc; Baston, Lincs) N:who got it from Steve Taggart (concertina; Stamford, Lincs) Z::abc by Si Garbutt M:4/4 K:G DEGA G2 D2 | G2 cd c2 G2 | DEFG A2 B2 | .d2 d6 | DEGA G2 D2 | G2 cd c2 G2 | DEFG A2 B2 | .d2 G6 :| .g2 .g2 e2 fg | e2 e2 d4 | B2 BB A2 G2 | e2 d2 B4 | .g2 .g2 ef g2 | e2 e2 d4 | DEFG A2 B2 | .d2 G6 :|

WOODEN ENDED REEL. English, American (?), Reel. G Major (4/4 time). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune is said to have been derived from the c. 1940's playing of Hudie Ledbetter, better known as “Leadbelly”, an African-American blues performer in the mid-20th century. Best known for his singing while accompanying himself of guitar, Leadbelly also played the single-row melodeon. Peter Kennedy notes that a similar tune was recorded by Chris Droney on his album "The Flowing Tide" (Topic 12-TFRS-503).

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Recorded sources: -Brandy Music cd701, Linda Breitag - "Feet to the Fire" (1997. Learned from Tony Hall's recording). Free Reed FRR-012, Tony Hall - "Fieldvole Music" (1977).

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