Yell in the Shoats

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X: 167 T:Yell in the Shoats - ADAD M:4/4 L:1/8 F: S:Troublesome Creek String Band K:D "D"d3 dd2 d2-|dABA A3A|d2d2 dABA|"A"AFEF "D"D2D2| d3 d d2d2-|d ABA ABAB|d2 d2 ABBd|AF"A"EF "D"D2 DD| D2AG FGAD|D2AF "A"EF"D"DD|D2AG FGAA|"G"BdAF "A"EFDD| "D"D2AG FGAD|D2AF "A"EFDD|"D"D2AG FGAA|"G"Bd"D"AF "A"EF"D"DA| dBAG FGAA|dBAF "A"EF"D"DA|dBAG FGAA|"G"BdAF "A"EFDA| "D"dBAG FGAA|"G"dBAF "A"EFDA|"D"dBAG FGAA|"G"BdAF "A"EFD2||

YELL IN THE SHOATS. AKA - "Yellin' in the Shoats." American, Breakdown. D Major. DDad tuning (fiddle). From the fiddling of Garry Harrison with the Indian Creek Delta Boys who had the tune from Cecil Seeley (1898-1988), who lived in Arthur, near Toledo, Illinois.

Cecil Seeley, c. 1978

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Davis Unlimited DU 33042, “Indian Creek Delta Boys, vol. 2.” Oak Records OOK CD 001, "Brittany Haas" (2004). Bruce Molsky – “Warring Cats.”

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