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YOU'LL THINK E'ER MANY DAYS ENSUE. English, Air. The tune appears under the above title in John Gay's (1685-1732) Beggar's Opera of 1728 (Act II, air XXXII). The melody can also be heard in the ballad-opera The Generous Freemason (1731). Kidson (1922) says the air was the traditional tune employed on stage for Ophelia's song "How should I your true love know."

You'll think, e'er many days ensue,
This sentence not severe;
I hang your husband, child, 'tis true,
But with him hang your care.
Twang dang dillo dee.

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Recorded sources: Hyperion Records CDA66591/2, The Broadside Band - "John Gay: The Beggar's Opera."

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