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YOUR BLUE EYES DRIVE ME CRAZY. AKA and see "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss." Old Timey, Breakdown. A version of "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss," one of only two sides recorded for Victor in a 1927 Bristol, Tenn., session by a string band called the West Virginia Coon Hunters, from Bluefield, West Virginia,

West Virginia Coon Hunters 1927, Standing Left to Right Fred Belcher, Clyde Meadows, Jim Brown, Vernal Vest Seated Left to Right: Dutch Stewart, Wesley "Bane" Boyles, Regal Mooney, Fred Pendleton, Joe Stephens.[1]

The Coon Hunters only recorded two sides for Victor (the other was "Greasy String (3)"), and the band, which at times numbered nine members, was not called back by the recording company for another session. Soon after their 1927 recording one of the fiddlers, Wesley "Bane" Boyles, was convicted of moonshining and sent to prison, but the group seems to have continued without him as a local act. When released, Boyles worked at a variety of jobs and continued to play music in the area until his death in 1975.

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See the very interesting blog about W.B. Boyle and the Coon Hunters by his granddaughter, Denise Smith [3]

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