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YPSILANTI, LA. French, Quadrille tune (2/4 time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. The tune is contained in a c. 1826 music manuscript with French titles, consisting entirely of melodies for quadrille figures. "La Ypsilanti" is one of the Pantalon figures, or the first figure of a quadrille. The manuscript [1] itself is of unknown origin, and the dating is tentative, however, it may have originated with Francophone community musicians in North America, or may have been an import along with a Continental musician. The title honors one of two brothers prominent in the struggle for Greek independence in the 1820's, Alexander Ypsilantis [2] (1792-1828) and Demetrius Ypsilantis [3] (1793-1832), for whom the town of Ypsilanti, Michigan, in named for. The forces of the French nation played a key support role in the conflict with the Ottoman Empire, and helped Greece attain independence.

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