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X: 33 T:Yvon Dumont M:C| L:1/8 C:© John Arcand S:Miche Baker-Harvey transcription from Emma Lake camp N:Chords from Trent Bruner, abc's by Phil Katz K:Em [|:"Em"BE2 D EFED|B,EED EFGB|"D"AF D2 DEFD|A,DFG ABcA| "Em"BG E2 EFED|B,DEG B3 B|"D"A2 AG FGAc|1"Em"BGE2 E4  :|]2"Em"BG E2 EFGA|| [|:"G"Bd zd dedc|Bdz d dedc|"Em"Bez e efed|Bdef gfed| "G"Bd zd dedB|GABG "D"A2 GA|"Em"BE2D EFED|1" Bm"B,EED "Em"EFGA:|]2"Bm"B,EED "Em"E2 z2|]

YVON DUMONT. Canadian, Reel. "Yvon Dumont" was composed by Métis fidler John Arcand, born in 1942 near the Debden-Big River region of northwestern Saskatchewan. The title honors W. Yvon Dumont, who, in 1993 became the first member of Manitoba's Métis community to be appointed as the province's 21st Lieutenant Governor.

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