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ZEAK WALTZ. English, March (4/4 time). England, Cornwall. B Flat Major: G Major (RACCA 2). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The note in Ralph Dunstan's (1857–1933) The Cornish Song Book/Lyver Canow Kernewek (1929) says that the tune was "a march formerly very popular at outdoor Sunday school treats." There is some speculation, therefore, that the title is a variation of the name 'Ezekial'.

Source for notated version:

Printed sources: Dunstan (Lyver Canow Kernewek), 1929. RACCA 2: Cornish Tunes for Cornish Sessions, 1998; p. 48 [1]. Raven (English Country Dance Tunes), 1984; p. 179.

Recorded sources:

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