Biography:Abraham Mackintosh

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Abraham Mackintosh

 Given name:     Abraham
 Middle name:     
 Family name:     Mackintish (MacIntosh)
 Place of birth:     Edinburgh
 Place of death:     Newcastle, England
 Year of birth:     1769
 Year of death:     1807
 Profile:     Collector, Composer, Musician, Publisher
 Source of information:     

Biographical notes

ABRAHAM MACKINTOSH. Abraham Mackintosh (sometimes Macintosh), a son of “Red Rob” Mackintosh and Margaret Mill, was born in Edinburgh on 15th June 1769. In early life he followed his father’s profession; and in December 1792, he published a collection of thirty new strathspey reels, &c., of which he was the composer. A few stray tunes bearing the name of Mackintosh, junior (But whether this refers to Abraham or to his brother Robert, it is impossible to say, as the latter never published any collection), are also to be found in other collections, one of these being “Buckingham House” or “Athole Brose,” which appears in his father’s third book. It is repeated almost note for note in Gow’s Collection, and it has sometimes been erroneously attributed to that composer (although he never claimed it), on account of its being styled “Neil Gow’s favourite.” From 1793 to 1797, Abraham Mackintosh, according to “Aitchison’s Directory,” resided in Todrick’s Wynd. There is no trace of him after the latter year in Edinburgh, but he is subsequently found in Newcastle, where he was professionally employed as a teacher of dancing, though probably he also continued as a musician till the year 1807. In the beginning of this century, he published other two books or collections, and a sheet or two. [John Glen, Biographical Sketches of Early Scottish Musicians and Musicsellers, from a foreword to The Glen Collection of Scottish Dance Music, Edinburgh, 1891)