Biography:Audley Cable

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Audley Cable

 Given name:     Audley
 Middle name:     
 Family name:     Cable
 Place of birth:     Wolfe County, east Kentucky
 Place of death:     Dade City, Florida
 Year of birth:     1909
 Year of death:     1993
 Profile:     Musician
 Source of information:     

Biographical notes

Audley Cable (1909-1993). Recorded in 1985 at Dade City, Florida (where he had retired) by Bruce Greene. Although born in Wolfe County, east Kentucky, as a young man Cable moved to Muskogee, Michigan, where he worked in the oil fields as a tooldresser. There, he lived for a time with an older Kentucky fiddler, Darley Fulks, who also worked in the fields, and the two would play occasionally at night, although Cable would play the guitar to Fulks' fiddling. Cable himself played a right-handed violin left handed, with the coarse strings on the bottom and the fine strings on the top, notes collector and musician Greene. There is also a tape of Cable's playing and some interview material recorded by his niece in the John Harrod collection at Berea College [1].