Carl Volti

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Carl Volti


 Given name:     Carl
 Middle name:     
 Family name:     Volti
 Place of birth:     Glasgow
 Place of death:     
 Year of birth:     1848
 Year of death:     
 Profile:     Composer, Musician
 Source of information:,2852939&hl=en

Biographical notes[edit]

From The Glagow Herald, Nov. 27, 1954, in an article by Thorpe Davie called "A Fragment of Autobiography":

Many, many years ago when I was a schoolboy, I desired to play some musical instrument, and as we had no piano at home my father bought me a violin. We knew nothing about the local teachers, but the name Carl Volti was familiar. So we presented ourselves at his address, hoping to make arrangements for lessons. We were received by an amiable bearded gentleman who spoke with a very familiar Scottish accent. My father commented on this and Carl Volti reveled himself as [Archibald] Milligan--one-time hansom cab driver in Glasgow.

He was a violinist of sorts, and having decided to take up teaching as a profession thought a change of name desireable--as no doubt it was. Besides dealing with a number of pupils, he arranged groups of Scottish songs for violin, with simple pianoforte accompaniment, which were published locally under the title "Highland Wreath"--if my memory is not at fault. We arranged to have violin lessons, and after some exercises on the open strings, and a few scales and arpegios, I was launched on a course of "Highland Wreaths," and so became familiar with a large number of Scots songs which were of great service to me in later years when I turned from fiddling to song.

The Post-Office Annual Glasgow Directory for 1908-1909 lists Carl Volti as a teacher of violin and pianoforte at 20 Abbotsford Place. A. Maurice Volti is also listed as "a teacher of violin (at Carl Volti's) 20 Abbotsford place." Both are still listed the next year, 1909-1910. Maurice Volti seems to have also been an arranger and composer of music published in the early years of the 20th century, and is mentioned in a few newspaper accounts as having been a violin teacher and musician in Glasgow. The title page of Kerr's popular dance music for the violin. Book 4 records that the contents were "composed and arranged by Carl Volti."