Edwin Christie

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Edwin Christie


 Given name:     Edwin
 Middle name:     
 Family name:     Christie
 Place of birth:     
 Place of death:     
 Year of birth:     
 Year of death:     
 Profile:     Composer, Musician
 Source of information:     https://www.academia.edu/42982150/Elias Howe William Bradbury Ryan and Irish Music in Nineteenth Century Boston?email work card=view-paper

Biographical notes[edit]

EDWIN CHRISTIE was the composer of ten tunes in Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1883). He is sometimes confused with the blackface minstrel performer Edwin Christy, however, Edwin Christie was a member of a Boston family of performers that also included George, Henry, Kate and Helen. "One of these Christies also led a quadrille band the worked out of 103 Court Street, Boston, in the 1870s, which was [music publisher] Elias Howe's address at the time" [1].

  1. PAUL F. WELLS (2010). Elias Howe, William Bradbury Ryan, and Irish Music in Nineteenth-Century Boston. Journal of the Society for American Music, 4, p. 415.