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Miss Stirling of Ardoch

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 Family name:     Stirling
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 Profile:     Composer, Musician
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Biographical notes

Miss Magdalina/Magdalene Stirling, of Ardoch, Braco, Strathallen, Perthshire, was a composer of some merit in a time when women seldom were publicly involved in music performance or composition (see her "Perthshire Hunt" (the original tune for the dance The Perth Hunt). "Sir William Stirling's Strathspey," and "Perthshire Volunteers"). She was a friend of Niel Gow and his son Nathaniel, who published some of her compositions in their volumes. Sir William Stirling (1729-1799), 4th Baronet of Ardoch, married in 1762 Christian, only daughter of John Erskine of Carnock, advocate (she died in February, 1788). They had five children, all daughters:
1) Anne, heiress or Ardoch
2) Christian (1762-1832), married at Ardoch of 24th December 1784 to George Dundas of Dundas, who was shipwrecked off the island of Madagascar on 20th August, 1792. The had one son and three daughters.
3) Mary (1764-1845), married at Ardoch on 10th June 1790, to Ebenezer Oliphant of Condie.
4) Margaret (1765-1849), married 1st in Oct., 1790, to Andrew Stuart of Torrance. W.S. (author of the History of the Stewarts), and 2ndly, in 1804, to Sir William Johnstone Pulteney, Baronet.
5) Magdalene (1766-1846). Unmarried.

Magdalina published Twelve Tunes Composed by Miss Stirling of Ardoch, around the year 1800, perhaps a private issue. The tunes contained in it have been called "somewhat repetitive" but "confidently presented."