Biography:P.J. Giblin

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P.J. Giblin

 Given name:     P.
 Middle name:     J.
 Family name:     Giblin
 Place of birth:     Castlerea
 Place of death:     
 Year of birth:     1880
 Year of death:     
 Source of information:     Roscommon Herald Article 27th April 2005

Biographical notes

"P.J. Giblin was born outside Castlerea in 1880, went to London ant an early age to study music and qualified as a music teacher with degrees in piano and classical violin. He returned to his native west and became a stalwart in the music world. Both classical and traditional over a wide area, especially Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo and Roscommon where he heard the “cream of traditional Irish fiddle and flute playing”. He married a teacher from Charlestown, where they settled down...The first edition was published in Germany in 1928 and has been out of print since 1988."