Biography:Sam Dyre

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Sam Dyre

 Given name:     Samuel "Sammie"
 Middle name:     E.
 Family name:     Dyer
 Place of birth:     Macon County, Tennessee
 Place of death:     Lafayette, Macon County, Tennessee
 Year of birth:     1906
 Year of death:     1983
 Profile:     Musician
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Biographical notes

SAMUEL "SAMMIE" DYER (March 21st, 1906--May 5th, 1983) was a farmer and fiddler who lived most of his life in Macon County, Tennessee. He was the son of Joel Dyer (1870-1955) and Sara Elizabeth "Betty" Beasley (1873-1959) of Trousdale, Tennessee. He was descended from the Fitch family (on the Dyer side) from Essex, England, who were in New London, CT, by 1647 (Major James Fitch, Esq., born in New London, CT, in 1647). He married Vassie Mae Russell (1903-1974) on 20 August 1922, although she died in Detroit, Michigan. They were divorced at some point (Vassie died in Detroit, Michigan), for he married another Macon County woman, Olene White (1917-2011), on 6 Apr., 1959, in Franklin, Kentucky. She had been married to his brother Donald Dyer (1915-2003). Sammie Dyer was recorded in the field by Bruce Greene in 1972.