Parkersburg Landing (Ed Haley album)

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Parkersburg Landing is the first commercially released album by Ed Haley. The album consists of home recordings, and was released by Rounder Records in 1976.


Ed Haley is considered one of the most prolific fiddlers in his region of Kentucky and West Virginia. Despite the fact, Haley seldom recorded commercially, unlike his contemporaries J.W. Day and Clark Kessinger. However, after Ed's stepson Ralph returned from serving in World War II, Ralph used a Wilcox-Gay disc cutter to make recordings of Ed accompanied by members of the family in 1946 and 1947.

Afterwards, the recordings (estimated over 300 in total) were distributed by Ralph among his siblings. Around 1974, Mark Wilson located Ed’s son Lawrence, who was in possession of several recordings, and the discs were taken to the Library of Congress and professionally transferred to tape. At that time, 54 recordings had been accounted for, and 14 would be published by Rounder.


The album was released in 1976. Although the album was generally received positively, Haley's family was reportedly displeased, as they felt the recordings used were not an accurate representation of his performing style. Haley's most elaborate and unique style was displayed once again in the 1990's, when about 100 recordings were recovered at the endeavor of John Hartford. These were eventually transferred and released in 1997 by Rounder on a two album, four CD set, containing 72 tracks.

Track listing

  1. Parkersburg Landing
  2. Humphrey's Jig
  3. Stackolee
  4. Cherokee Polka
  5. Cuckoo's Nest
  6. Wake Susan
  7. Cherry River Rag
  8. Flower Of The Morning
  9. Grey Eagle Jog
  10. Man Of Constant Sorrow
  11. Forked Deer
  12. Lost Indian
  13. Done Gone
  14. Dunbar


  • Ed Haley - fiddle
  • Martha Ella Haley - accordion, mandolin


  • Producers: Mark Wilson, Guthrie T. Meade