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Often the genre consists of a nationality, such as English, Irish or Scottish, however, North American tune genres are listed as Old-Time, New England, French-Canadian, Texas Style or Cajun, which account for distinct broad regional styles each with definitive influences beyond the scope of this work to identify. In addition, some tunes are identified as American or Canadian, which identify fiddlers' pieces which have currency beyond regional boundaries and which can be considered products of the North American 'melting pot' of traditional music. Shetland is given as a genre rather than 'Scottish', even though the islands fall within the borders of Scotland, because of it's distinctive and rich fiddling tradition which incorporates both British Isles and Scandinavian influences (Shetland appears in the singular, as per local usage). The term 'Old-Time' is not strictly synonymous with 'Southern' as a name for the particular genre of early rural American country music, and encompasses a number of regional or sub-regional styles including those of the Mid-West, east Texas, the Deep South, north Georgia, the Galax/Mt. Airy complex, Kentucky/West Virginia, Cumberland Plateau, etc. Tunes that are specifically styled Bluegrass compositions have not generally been included in this index except where there was crossover with traditional fiddling. Bluegrass, a highly improvisational genre, is considered outside the scope of this index.

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The allowed values for this property are

  • Bluegrass
  • Cape Breton/PEI
  • Cajun/Creole
  • Contest
  • Contra
  • Down-East/Maritime
  • English
  • Guachi
  • Irish
  • Metis
  • Military
  • Minstrel
  • Morris
  • Native North American
  • Northumbrian/Borders
  • Old-Time
  • Pipe
  • Québécois/Acadian
  • Scandinavian
  • Scottish
  • Shetland/Orkney
  • Stage
  • Texas/Oklahoma
  • Welsh

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    "constraints": {
        "type_constraint": "_txt",
        "allowed_values": [
            "Cape Breton/PEI",
            "Native North American",