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This is a imported from abc:mode (The Abc Semantic Vocabulary)
This is a property of type String.

This property is a subproperty of Is in the key of The allowed values for this property are:

  • Ionian (Major)
  • Mixolydian
  • Aeolian (minor)
  • Dorian

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'A Bhean a Bh'aig an Tàillear Chaol +Ionian (Major)  +
'A' Polka (2) +Ionian (Major)  +
'A' Waltz +Ionian (Major)  +
'A' and 'D' Cotillion +Ionian (Major)  +
'A' and 'E' Rag +Ionian (Major)  +
'A' and 'E' Waltz +Ionian (Major)  +
'A', 'E' and 'D' Quadrille +Ionian (Major)  +
'D' & 'A' Polka +Ionian (Major)  +
'D' & 'G' Two-Step +Ionian (Major)  +
'Hap An' Row the Feeties o't +Ionian (Major)  +
'Lasses Cane +Ionian (Major)  +
'Neath the Moonlight +Ionian (Major)  +
'S fheudar dhomh fhein a bhi falbh +Ionian (Major)  +
'S truagh a righ! mo nighean donn +Ionian (Major)  +
'S truagh gun d' thug thusa 's mise gaol +Mixolydian  +
'Se Niall a dhuisg mi +Aeolian (minor)  +
'Sé fáth mo bhuartha +Ionian (Major)  +
1/8th Fiddle (The) +Ionian (Major)  +
11th of September (The) +Aeolian (minor)  +
14th of October (The) +Ionian (Major)  +
156th Brigage at the Battle of Romani (The) +Mixolydian  +
20th of May (The) +Ionian (Major)  +
22nd Regiment's Quick Step (The) +Dorian  +
2nd Battalion Scotch Brigade (The) +Ionian (Major)  +
42nd Highland Regiment +Aeolian (minor)  +