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This template excludes text from an article when it is rendered into a digital document such as a PDF or DjVu file, or printed, either through the "Printable version" or the "Create a book" links on the side bar. It is used to hide elements that make no sense in print such as "Click the name of a town on the map for more details".

Where possible you can also use class="noprint" to any HTML block element, or span class="noprint" to an inline element, in order to hide that content from printing. This template is actually a shorthand for the latter option, and also applies {{trim}} to remove any extraneous whitespace from around it.

  • DO NOT use this on templates. Templates that need to be hidden from printing should be added to Category:Exclude in print instead.
  • DO NOT use this on large sections that include headings (==This is a heading==). This will cause the edit link next to the heading to disappear.

Keep in mind that one of the stated goals of the project is to allow for pages to be printed and used by travelers while they are traveling. This template should only be used in cases, such as the example above, where leaving content in would cause confusion.


{{noprint|text to be hidden}}

{{noprint|1=text to be hidden}}

If the content that is being hidden contains an equals (=) sign, you will have to use noprint|1= instead of noprint|. Otherwise there is no difference between using and not using the 1= after the vertical line.

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