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X:1 T:Ain Kind Dearie M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel S:Gow - 3rd Repository (1806) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A B|A>F EF A2 AB|(A/B/c) B>A BFF>B|AFEF A2 Aa|f2 ec eAA:| f|(ef/g/) ae fe ac|B/B/B c>A BFF>B|A>FEF A2 Aa|f2 ec eAAf| (ef/g/) ae f>e ac|B/B/B c>A BFFB|AFEF ABce|faef cAA||

AIN KIND DEARIE. AKA - "Kind Dearie." AKA and see "Lea Rig (The)," "My Ain Kind Dearie (1)." Scottish, English; Reel. England, Northumberland. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. An older reel, it was included in a manuscript by David Young in 1734 and printed collections by John Walsh (1745) and James Oswald (as "Lea Rig") in 1760. The tune was known, as are many Scots tunes, in County Donegal, Ireland, as evidenced by the old diary entry of a fiddler named William Allingham, employed as a customs officer but whose vocation was traditional music. He visited a poor fiddler named Tom Read in the (probably Ballyshannon) poorhouse who played for him both "Ain Kind Dearie" and "Paudeen O Rafferty" in November of 1847, the time of the famine. Allingham gave George Petrie several tunes which appear in the latter's collection of Irish music. See also note for "Annotation:My Ain Kind Dearie (1)" for more.

The "Ain/Own Kind Dearie" and "Lea Rig" titles are from the lines to a song set to the tune:

I'll Lay Thee O'er the lea rig,
My ain kind dearie O'

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - William Vickers' 1770 music manuscript collection (Northumberland) [Seattle].

Printed sources : - Carlin (The Gow Collection), 1986; No. 408. Hall & Stafford (Charlton Memorial Tune Book), 1956; p. 62. Johnson (Scottish Fiddle Music in the 18th Century), 1984; Nos. 37 & 67. Northumbrian Pipers' Tune Book, 1970; p. 1. Seattle (Great Northern Tune Booi/William Vickers), 1987, Part 2; No. 294.

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