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X:1 T:Amarillo Waltz N:From the playing of fiddler Eck Robertson (1887-1975, Amarillo, Texas). N:Position playing required for all parts except for first 'A' part, including N:the double stop chords in the last section. M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz D:Victor 40298 (78 RPM), Eck Robertson (1929) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G P:A G,2B,2-D2|F6| ((3EFE D2)ED|B,3-B,A,|G,2B,-D- D2|B4 {B}((3ABA)| E6|JE6|((3EFE D2E2)|JB6| {B}(3ABA G2BG|E4- E(E/F/| D2)FA-A2|1f4e2|((3efe)d2d>e|B6:|2 J[e3e3]z .d2|G6|G4|| P:A' -- repeat 'A' an octave higher P:B d'2|.e'2 zd' bg|d3z J.g2|.fz z2 J.e2|E6|[F3A3]E- DD| [F3A3]E- DF|((3EFE) D2B,A,|G,2- G,z d'2|.e'2 zd' bg|d3z J.g2| .fz z2 J.e2|E6|[F3A3] E- DB,|D4 A,-B,|G,6|G,6|| P:C |:J[B4d4]-[B2e2]|[B4e4]-[B2d2]|J[B4d4]-[B2e2]|[B4e4]-[B2d2]|J[B4d4]-[B2e2]| [B4d4]-.[B2g2]|[B4d4]-.[B2g2]|[A6f6] |[A6f6] |[A4f4] [f2a2]|[f3a4][A2f2]| [A4f4][f2a2]|[f4a4][A2f2]|1 [A4f4][f2d'2]|[f4d'4]|[e2c'2]|[da]-[db][d4b4]|[d6b6]:| |2 [f4d'4][e2c'2]|[d4b4][d2a2]|[Ae]-[Bg]- [B4g4]|[B6g6]||

AMARILLO WALTZ. American, Waltz (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BCC' . Texas fiddler Alexander "Eck" Robertson claimed authorship of this waltz melody (Wolfe, 1997), named for Amarillo, Texas, and recorded by Robertson with his family band in Dallas for Victor Records in August, 1929[1]. It was one of the most frequently performed numbers at his live shows, according to Blanton Owen. The tune has technical challenges that require position playing on the violin for all sections except the first 'A' part, including the moving double-stop chords in the last section.

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Recorded sources : - County CD 3524, Eck Robertson - "Old Time Texas Sting Bands, vol. 1" (various artists). Folk Legacy FSI 103c, Skip Gorman - "Trail to Mexico" (1987). Sonyatone STR201, "Eck Robertson: Master Fiddler" (1976). Victor 40298 (78 RPM), Eck Robertson (1929).

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  1. In addition to fiddler Eck Robertson, the band consisted of Daphne Robertson (tenor guitar), Nettie Robertson (guitar), and Dueron Robertson (tenor banjo)