Annotation:Amelia's Waltz (1)

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This waltz was composed in 1981 by New Hampshire accordionist and composer Bob McQuillen (1923-2014, Peterboro, N.H.) for then three-and-a-half year old Amelia Stiles, daughter of Deana Stiles, a flute player friend who played with Dudley Laufman's Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra. McCutcheon relates that "current legend" has it that Amelia was named because of the fact that her family lived in a house built around a shipping crate for Amelia Earhart's plane. Deana Stiles has been a member of Dudley Laufman's Canterbury Country Orchestra and currently plays with McQuillen in the trio "Old New England." The tune has proved quite popular at New England dances, an instant classic. McQuillen apparently prefers the title to be simply "Amelia."

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