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X:1 T:Bill Driver Tune S:Bill Driver (1881-1986, Miller County, central Missouri) N:Printed as "Breakdown No. 35" in Christeson's OTFR, vol. 1 (1973) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel R:"Quick" D:Grey Eagle Records 101, Bill Driver - Now that's a Good Tune (1989) D: D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A EFAB c2B2|Aceg a2 ga|b2fg aecA|dcBA dAcA| EFAB c2(B/c/B)|Aceg a2gf|efga befg|1a2ab a4:|2 a2 ab a2|| |:cd|ecac ecac|ecac fcec|fBgB fBgB|fBgB fBcd| ecac ecac|ecac fcec|efga berg |1a2 ab a2:|2 a2 ab a4||

BILL DRIVER TUNE. AKA - "Breakdown No. 35" (Christeson). American, Reel (2/4 or cut time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune was in the repertory of Iberia, central Missouri, African-American fiddler biography:Bill Driver who often played it for dances, according to collector Bob Christeson. It was so associated with him that it was identified locally as "the n____r tune[1]." Christeson notes "the first part is undoubtedly taken from "Lardner's Reel (1)" while the second part seems to be wholly evolved from tradition." Driver was a skilled fiddler with a strong sense of pulse that made him much in demand for regional dances.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - African-American fiddler Bill Driver (1881-1986, Iberia, Miller County, central Missouri),

Printed sources : - R.P. Christeson (Old Time Fiddler's Repertory, vol. 1), 1973; No. 35, pp. 25-26 (appears as "Breakdown No. 35").

Recorded sources : - Grey Eagle Records 101, Bill Driver - "Now that's a Good Tune: Masters of Missouri Fiddling" (1989. Various artists). University of Missouri Press, Bill Driver - "Old Time Fiddler's Repertory" (1976).

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Hear Bill Driver's recording at Slippery Hill [1]

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