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X:1 T:Blue-Eyed Stranger [1] M:4/4 L:1/8 N:Sherborne version K:D d3c B2B2|ABAG F2 FG|A2D2D2A2|F3E D4:| d3B =c2A2|d=cdB c2A2|d2 d^c B2e2|cdcB A4| d2 d=c B2B2|ABAG F2 FG|A2 D2D2A2|F3E D4||

BLUE EYED STRANGER [1], THE. AKA and see "Country Gardens." English, Morris Dance Tune (4/4 time). G Mixolydian (Raven): D Mixolydian (Bacon). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABA (Bacon): AABB (Raven). The Cecil Sharpe version of this tune is derived from a tune called "Mill Oh (The)", popular in the 18th and early 19th centuries (it was first published by Thompson in Orpheus Caledonius (1725)), states Bayard (1981). Burns wrote a song to the tune called "Soldier's Return (The)," in 1793, and a 6/8 version appears as "Cuba March (The)." This version is from the area of Sherborne, Gloucestershire, England, where it is the vehicle for a handkerchief dance.

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Printed sources : - Bacon (The Morris Ring), 1974; p. 281. Raven (English Country Dance Tunes), 1984; p. 78.

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