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X:1 T:Brickyard Joe [1] N:From the playing of fiddler Doc Roberts (1897-1978, Madison County, Ky.) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Gennett 6635 (78 RPM), Doc Roberts (1928) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G DEGA BGBG|ABGA BGBG|DEGA BGBG| BAGB AGEG| DEGA BGBG|ABGA BGBc|d2 ef gedc|1BGAF G2G2:|2BGAF G2|| |:ef|gdef gfga|gedc ABde|fdef gfga|1gedB G2[G2B2]:|2 gedB AGEG||

BRICKYARD JOE [1]. American, Reel (cut time). USA; northeast and central Kentucky (as per Titon), Missouri. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Christeson, Brody): AABBA'A'BB (Phillips). It is on Charlie Walden's list of '100 essential Missouri fiddle tunes'. Jeff Titon (2001) notes the low part of this tune is related to the high strain of "Martha Campbell (1)." He finds the title in Kentucky fiddlers' tune lists from the year 1915, kept at Berea College. According to Mark Wilson (liner notes to Rounder Records' "Traditional Fiddle Music of Kentucky: Up the Licking and Ohio Rivers") Kentucky fiddler George Lee Hawkins (1904-1991) learned “Brickyard Joe” from the well-known Mt. Sterling fiddler Sid Stone (see picture, right).

Elza Stone and his sons as the Happy Hollow Entertainers; from left, Sid, Howard, James, and Elza. [Old Time Herald, vol. 11, No. 9]

Early recordings are by Wikipedia:Doc_Roberts (1897-1978, Ky.) in 1928, and Captain McKinney (Texas) in 1929. "Dead Slave (The)," another Missouri fiddle tune, has a similar first strain, while fiddler Pete McMahon's (Missouri) "Fiddler's Hoedown" has a 'B' part that is similar to the first strain of "Brickyard Joe" (Beisswenger & McCann).

Additional notes

Sources for notated versions: - Tony Gilmore (Jefferson City, Missouri) [Christeson]; Doc Roberts (Richmond, Indiana, August 24, 1928. Roberts was a Kentucky fiddler who probably learned from Owen Walker, an older African-American fiddler from Madison County, Ky. Gus Meade thinks 70% of Roberts' repertoire was derived from Walker) [Brody, Phillips, Titon]; Lymon Enloe (1906-1997, Missouri), who had the tune from Tony Gilmore [Beisswenger & McCann].

Printed sources : - Beisswenger & McCann (Ozarks Fiddle Tunes), 2008; p. 27. R.P. Christeson (Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory, vol. 1) 1973; No. 124, p. 89. Brody (Fiddler's Fakebook), 1983; p. 56. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 1), 1994; p. 36. Titon (Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes), 2001; No. 17A, p. 50.

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