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BROWNLOW'S DREAM. Old-Time, Breakdown. Eastern Kentucky fiddler Ed Haley's (1885-1951) title for the tune usually known as "Brown's Dream (1)," or more frequently "John Brown's Dream." It is a member of a large tune family, however. See notes for "Annotation:John Brown's Dream", "Annotation:Stillhouse Branch," and "Annotation:Pretty Little Gal (1)." John Hartford (in liner notes to Rounder 1131) records that "Roxie Mullins said this was the last tune Milt Haley (Ed's dad) played before he was killed by a mob at the mouth of Green Shoals in 1889." Hartford believes the melody similar to "Old Jimmy Johnson (Bring Your Jug Around the Hill)", while John Harrod and W.H. Stepp hear it as a variant of "Old Hen Cackled (1)" and "Christmas Calico."

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Recorded sources: Rounder CD 1131, Ed Haley - "Forked Deer" (1997). John Hartford - "The Speed of the Old Long Bow" (1997).

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