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X:1 T:Bull of the Woods S:Paisley Hagood (1905-1977, southwestern Limestone County, S:north-central Alabama), via James Bryan M:C| L:1/8 Q:Moderate R:Reel F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G DE|G2 ABd2df|g2dg edBA|G2AB c2eg|agea gdeB| GABc d2de|g2dg edB2|d6 DE|GABc d2 de| g2dg edBA|GGAB c2eg|agea gdeB|GABc d3(e| g2)d2 ed B2|G6||B,A,|G,3A, B,CDE|[M:3/2]G2+slide+B3 A GB AGE2| [M:C|][C2E2][CE]D EGAB|[E2c2][E2c2] EFGE|D2 B,C D3E|F2FG AcBA| G6B,A,| G,3A, B,CDE|[M:3/2]G+slide+B-B3 z GB AGE2|[M:C|][C2E2][CE]D EGAB| [E2c2][E2c2] EFGE|D2 B,C D3E|FEFG AcBA|G6||

BULL OF THE WOODS. American, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The tune is sourced to Limestone County, north-central Alabama fiddler and farmer Paisley Hagood (1905-1977) (see note for "annotation:Old Abbott" for more on Hagood). "Bull of the Woods" refers to a foreman of a lumber or railroad crew in Canada and parts of the United States. In the northwest the term refers to someone important or self-important, which probably was in more general usage and must have been the origin of Civil War General Edwin V. Sumner's nickname, "Bull of the Woods"; he was known for his a booming voice. The Urban Dictionary gives that the "Bull of the Woods" is "a rural man selected by visiting urban women for sex, and often nothing else, like a prize bull."

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