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X: 1 T:California Girls C:Reel H:Tommy Peoples - 70s studio bootleg tape H:d3 in bar 13 slid. The 'f's at the join of bars 25 and 26 are an example H:of what some call 'crushed' bowing - the same note taken twice in the same H:bow but with a pause in between. F: M:4/4 K:D AF(3.F.F.F DF(3.F.F.F | AF(3.F.F.F ABde | fdad bdad | eAge cAec | dB{cd}cA BAFE | D2(3.D.D.D A2FA | BG(3.G.G.G Bcde | faec d3B | AF~F2 DF~F2 | AF~F2 ABde | fdad bdad | eAge cAAc | d3B {c}BAFE | D2(3.F.F.D A2FA | BG(3.G.G.G Bcde | faec d3e || {a}f2{a}fe fafe | df~f2 af~f2 | DFAd ~f3a | gefd eAce | ~f2{a}fe fafe | df~f2 af~f2 | ~g2Bg gbag | faeg fdde | +f3d3+f fafe | df~f2 af~f2 | DFAd (3.f.f.faf | {ga}gefd eAce | ~f2{a}fe fafe | df~f2 af~f2 | ~g2{a}gf gbag | faeg fddf || adfa a-bfb | af{a}fe fgaf | geed efga | ba{b}ag ageg | adfa {a}b2fb | af{a}fe fgaf | {ga}geed (3.e.f.e (3.d.c.B | (3.A.B.A (3.G.F.E D3f |\ adfa bdfb | af{a}fe fAdf | geed efgb | af{a}fe fAce | adfa a-bab | af{a}fe fgaf | geed (3.e.f.e (3.d.c.B | (3.A.B.A (3.G.F.E D3E ||\ FA(3.A.A.A FADF | ADFA bafa | {ga}geed edcB | {c}BAGB AGFE | FA(3.A.A.A FADF | ADFA bafa | {ga}geed decd | BAFG D3E | ~F3E FADF | ADFA bafa | {ga}geed edcB | {c}BAGB AGFE | FA(3.A.A.A FADF | ADFA bafa | {ga}geed decd | BAFG D4 ||

CALIFORNIA GIRLS. AKA and see "Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire," "O'Mahoney's." Irish, Reel. C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC. The title for the tune is properly "Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire", composed for his wife by Bronx accordion player Martin Mulhaire in the 1950's. "Brearton's/Brereton's" is the name the reel was recorded under by Cathal McConnell & Robin Morton, while "O'Mahoney's Fancy" is the name Sean Maguire gave it on his recording. It was originally in the key of 'C', although nowadays 'D' versions predominate.

The name California was given to the land on the Pacific coast of North America, supposedly by Cortez, who officially called it Santa Cruz. Cortez mistakenly thought the rather parched bit of real estate was an island (i.e. Baja California) and he and his men began to refer to it as California after a Spanish romance book about an island populated by women.

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Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Taylor (Where's the Crack?), 1989; p. 8 (appears as "Californian Girl").

Recorded sources: - Kells Records, Brendan Begley - "We Won't Go Home Till Morning."

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