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X:1 T:Casey's Pig S:Colin Boyd, Columbia 33520-F, 1932 R:Highland Z:Philippe Varlet L:1/8 M:4/4 K:G DGGD EDGB|dBgB A2AB|DGGD EDGD|(3EFG DB, G,2G,B,:|| gabg d2df|gabg e2ef|gbeg dgBG|1 AGAB G2Gf:|2 AGAB G2GE||

CASEY'S PIG. AKA and see "Boston O'Connor," "Duke of Gordon's Birthday (The)." Irish, Highland. Ireland, County Donegal. A popular and well-known highland in County Donegal. It originally was the Scottish strathspey "Duke of Gordon's Birthday (The)," recast as a Highland. The tune was recorded in 1932 by Nova Scotia fiddler Colin Boyd, a 78 RPM record that had wide distribution in Ireland and was highly regarded, according to Caoimhin Mac Aoidh. Philippe Varlet notes that Boyd waxed his record in New York in February, 1932, and that it was, along with two others of Boyd's, issued in Columbia's Irish series (despite Boyd's Martime Scottish roots). The "Casey's Pig" record was reissued in England and Ireland by Regal Zonophone (EMI).

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Recorded sources: - Columbia 33520-F (78 RPM), (Nova Scotia fiddler) Colin Boyd (1932). Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40481, Brian Conway - "First Through the Gate" (2002. Learned from his father, Jim Conway).

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