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X: 1 T:Childgrove. (p).1701.PLFD1.426 M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/2=110 B:Playford, Dancing Master,11th Ed.,1701. O:England;London Z:Chris Partington <> K:F A2d2d2e2|f4e2d2|g2f2e2d2|e3d cBA2|A2d2d2e2|f4e2a2| g3f efed|d6:||:fg|a2f2f2a2|g2e2e2g2|f2d2(de)(fd)| e2A4fg|a2f2f2a2|g2f2(ef)(ge)|f2ede2d^c|d6:|

CHILDGROVE (Child Grove). AKA and see "Buff and Blue," "Sic a Wife as Willie had (2)," "Stick the Minister." English (originally), American; Air, March or Country Dance Tune (2/2 time). USA; New England, Northwest. D Dorian or D Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune, still popular at English country- and American contra-dances, dates to 1701 when it appeared in the 11th edition of London publisher Henry Playford's Dancing Master. It was retained in the long-running series of Dancing Master editions through the 18th and final edition of 1728. Other early printings were by Walsh in the Compleat Country Dancing Master (London, editions of 1718 and 1747).

There is a small village called Childgrove near Chichester, but so far there is no known collection with the title of Playford's country dance and tune. Researcher Graham Christian [1] suggests the title may have been "Child's Grove," perhaps named for Sir Josiah Child (c. 1630-1699), a wealthy merchant who became Governor of the East India Company, and a very powerful man indeed. Child purchased the estate of Wanstead House in Essex in 1673, and Christian speculates the title may in some way be connected with either the estate or its gardens and grounds.

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