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X:1 T:Corbey and the Pyett, The M:C L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Brisk" B:Oswald - Caledonian Pocket Companion, Book 7 (1760, p. 5) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Emin Beef Te2 (d<B)|defe dBAd|Beef Te2 (d<B)|dBAF E/E/E E2:| |:F2 T(F>E) DEFA|B/B/B T(B>A) Bdef|dBAF DEFA|BdAF E/E/E E2:| |:(B<e) e2 T(e>d)Be|(d<f)(B<d) DEFD|(E<e)Te<d (B<e)Te>d| TB>AdF E/E/E E2::(F<d) TF<E (D<d) TF>A|B2 (3dBA Ba T(f>e)| d>fTe>d T(B>A)(F<d)|D>d A>TF E/E/E E2:: B>eTe>d Te>dB>e| d>e (3fed A>FD>F|E>eTe>d b>aT(f>e)|Td>B TA>F E/E/E E2:| |:F>d D>d F>d D>d|B/B/B TB>A b>aT(f>e)|d>fTe>d B>d (3AFD|E>F d>F E/E/E E2:|]

CORBY AND THE PYETT, THE (The Raven and the Magpie). AKA and see "Bonnet Makers of Dundee (The)," "Sweet Molly (2)." Scottish, Strathspey. E Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDDEEFF. Scottish cellist, composer and music publisher wikipedia:James_Oswald_(composer) printed the tune under the title "Corby and the Pyett" (i.e. 'the raven and the magpie') in his Caledonian Pocket Companion (1743-48). It appears in Robert Bremner's 1757 volume as "Bonnet Makers of Dundee (The)" and in Aird (Selections, 1782) and Kerr (Fourth Collection, c. 1887) as "Sweet Molly (2)."

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Printed sources : - Oswald (Caledonian Pocket Companion, Book 7), 1760; p. 5.

Recorded sources : - Rounder 82161-7032-2, Bill Lamey - "From Cape Breton to Boston and Back: Classic House Sessions of Traditional Cape Breton Music 1956-1977" (2000).

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