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DEVIL SHAKE THE HALF-BREED [2]. AKA and see "Calum Crubach," "Devil in the Kitchen (1)," "Gurren's Castle," "Miss Sarah Drummond of Perth (1)," "Miss Drummond of Perth (1)," "Mountain Reel (4)," "Our Highland Cousins," "Prince of Wales Jig (The)," "Titanic Highland (The)," "Yorkshire Bite (1)." Paul Gifford finds this melody almost identical to Ryan's Mammoth Collection's "[[Mountain Reel (4)[4]]," which belongs to the "Miss Drummond of Perth" family of tunes. It was played by Chippewa fiddler Bill Cameron (Brimley, Michigan, recorded by Gifford in the 1970's), however, the title appears to be a 'floater', as it was also applied to a variant of "Rickett's Hornpipe."

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