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X:1 T:Devillier's Two-Step N:From the playing of Michael Doucet M:4/4 L:1/8 B:Sing Out, vol 35, No. 3, Fall 1990, p. 9. O:Louisiana K:D "D"[Ae]-[Af][Aa]-|[Aa][Ab]-[Aa][Af] [A=f][Ae][Dd][Ae]|J[A2f2] ([A/f/]g/f/e/) [Dd][Dd] [Af][Ag]|[Aa][Ab][Aa][Af] [Ae]J[Af]J[Af]-[Ae]| [D2d2] [DB][DA] J[FA][DA] [Af][Ag]|[Aa][Ab][Aa][Af] [Ae]J[Af]J[Af][Ae]|"A"[de]-[ee] [ee][ee] [ce]-[=ce][Ae][^ce]| [Ae][Aa] J[A2f2] [A2f2] [Ae][Dd]|"D"[DB]-[Dd] [D2d2][Dd]A [Af][Aa]-|[Aa][Ab]-[Aa][Af] [Ae][Dd][DB][Dd]| J[A2f2]J[A2f2] [Ae][Dd][DB][Dd]|J[A2f2] [Aa][Aa] [Ag]-[Af] [Ae][Dd]|[DB]-[Dd] [Dd]D [DB]-[Dd] [Ae][Dd]|J[[A2f2]J[A2f2] [ee][de] [Be][Ae]| "A"[de]-[e2e2] ([ee] [ce][Be]) [Ae][ce]|[ee][ce] J[A2f2] [A=f]-[Ae][Dd]-[DB]|"D"{B}[D3d3] [Dd]- [dd]e [Af][Aa]-|| [Aa][Ab]-[Aa]J[Af] [Ae][Dd][DB][Dd]|[Af]-[Aa] [A2a2] [A=f]-[Ae] [Dd[^f|[Aa][Ab][Aa][Af] [Aa]J[af]-[ae]d| [DB]-[Dd] [D2d2] J[DB][DA][DB][Dd]|J[A2f2] [Aa]A [Aa]-[Af] [Ag]-J[Af]|"A"[A2e2] J[e2e2] [ce]-[=ce] [Ae][^ce]| [Ae][Af] [Aa][Af] [A^e]-J[Af] [Ae]-J[Af]|"D"[D2d2] [DB]-[D^A] [DB]-[Dd] [Ae][Dd]||J[Af]-[Aa] [Aa]-[Ab] [Aa][Af] [Ae][Dd]| J[A2f2] [Aa]-[Ab] [Aa][Af] [Ae][Dd]|[Af]-[Aa] [Aa]A [Aa]-[Af] [Ae][A^e]|[Af][A^e] [Af][A=e] [Dd][DB][DA][DB]| [Dd][Ae] [A^e][Af] [Ag][Af] [A=e][de]|"A"[de]-[ee] [e2e2] [ee]-[^ce]|[Ae][Af] [Aa][Af] [A^e]-J[Af] [Ae]-J[Af]|"D"[Dd]-[Dc]- [D2d2]z4||

DEVILLIER('S) TWO-STEP. Cajun, Two-Step (4/4 time). USA, La. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Sing-Out): BB(Vocal)BBAAB(Vocal). A traditional Cajun dance tune. Devillier is a family rather than a place name, notes Raymond Francois (1990), who says related tunes include "Don't Bury Me," "Cemetary (The)," "Enterre-moi Pas" and "Enterre-moi Pas dans l'Cimetiere."

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Michael Doucet (La.) [Sing Out]; Dennis McGee (La.) [Francois].

Printed sources : - Francois (Yé Yaille Chère), 1990; pp. 114-115. Sing Out, vol. 35, No. 3, Fall 1990; p. 9.

Recorded sources : - Swallow Records SW-6030, Dennis McGee.

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