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DRY AND DUSTY [3]. Old-Time, Breakdown. USA; Nebraska, Iowa. Not the tune usually known as "Dry and Dusty" in the Midwest, but rather "a variant of the "Rocky Mountain Goat/Grand Hornpipe/Mud Fence" family of hornpipes-played-as-reels," states Mark Wilson (in liner notes to Dwight Lamb's 2005 Rounder album), at least in the second part. The first part appears unrelated to the "Rocky Mountain Goat" family. Iowa fiddler Lamb says he can't play the tune without thinking of how Walters' was forced out of farming in 1936 due to a combination of drought and grasshoppers, and that Walters told him that when he played sometimes with other old friends they would play "Dry and Dusty," in a remembrance of sorts of how things had been.

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Recorded sources: Rounder 0529, Dwight Lamb - "Hall Agin the Barn Door" (2005. Learned from Nebraska fiddler Bob Walters).

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