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DUCK'S EYEBALL [1]. AKA and see "Wait in the Kitchen (Till the Cook Comes In)." American, Reel. The title comes from one of the silly verses sung to the tune. Kerry Blech calls it a variant of "Richmond." "Duck's Eyeball" was in the repertoire of western Virginia fiddler Luther Davis (as "Right in the middle of a duck's eyeball"). It may have sometimes been called "Duck's Asshole." Tommy Magness recorded the tune in 1948 (along with many others in his older traditional repertoire) for a private recording for fiddler Roy Acuff on an old home disc recorder (Charles Wolfe, Classic Country, p. 148, 2001). John Hartford (in notes to Rounder 1131/1132, 1997) remarks that the tune is similar to a pair of northeast Kentucky fiddler Ed Hayley's "Stonewall Jackson" and his "Green Mountain Polka." "It also resembles Frazier Moss's 'Denver Belle' and Charlie Acuff's 'Wait in the Kitchen 'Till the Cook Comes In.' Curly Parker said the old time name was 'Swiss Galoplane.' Clark Kessinger called it 'West Virginia Special.'"

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