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X:1 T:Ducks of Magheralin M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Polka S:Win Horan N:From a transcription by John Lamancusa, by permission. See Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G GB de/f/ | g(3f/g/f/ ed | DF AA/B/ | cd/c/ BA | GB de/f/ | g(3f/g/f/ ed | ea ef | g2g2 :| |: ae ae | ae e>f | gd gd | gd d2 | ae ae | ae e>f | g/f/e dB | A2A2 :||

DUCKS OF MAGHERALIN. Irish, Polka (2/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Magheralin (pronounced 'Maralin') is a village and parish in the barony of Lower Iveagh, townland of Moira, County Armagh. It has been the site of a church and monastic settlement since the 8th century. The 'Ducks of Magheralin' was the name for the weavers of the town because they used duck grease to lubricate their looms. The poet James Malcolmson wrote a poem called "The Ducks of Maralin":

It is just about a year ago that I went to see the King,
And on my voyage in Ulster my troubles they were twin;
He decorated me with medals, and they were made of tin,
"Go home," says he, "you kittery. You're the Mayor of Magheralin.

Oh! It is a grand old city in the good old ancient style,
A credit to old County Down and the pride of Erin's Isle;
It has an excellent harbor where the breadcarts all sail in,
And when you visit Ireland, you will come to Magheralin.

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