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X:1 T:Flowing Bowl [1], The M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel S:O'Neill - Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems (1907), No. 562 Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D ef | gfed cAAB | cAdB cAAf | gfed cdeg | fage d2 :| A2 | d2 fd adfd | d2 fa gece | d2 fd adfd | fage d2 A2 | d2 fd adfd | d2 fa gece | f2 ff g2gg | fage d2 ||

FLOWING BOWL [1], THE ("An Cupan Rolan" or "An Cupan Taoscac"). AKA and see "Moveen Reel (The)," Irish, Reel. A Mixolydian/D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (O'Neill/1001 & 1850): AABB' (O'Neill/Krassen). Very similar to the "Old Wild Irishman (The)." Montreal fiddler Isidore Soucy (1899-1963) included his irregular version of the tune in his "Gigue irlandaises (1)" as the second in a medley of three tunes on his first recording, in 1925.

Additional notes

Edward Cronin

Source for notated version: - "Cronin" [O'Neill]. Chicago fiddler Edward Cronin was originally from Limerick Junction, Tipperary, where he was born in the 1840's. Cronin was a superb fiddler, according to O'Neill, who was the source for numerous tunes in the O'Neill collections.

Printed sources : - Flaherty (Trip to Sligo), 1994; p. 137. David Glen (Irish Tunes for the Scottish and Irish Warpipes), 1911; No. 58, p. 20. O'Neill (O'Neill's Irish Music), 1915; No. 252, p. 131. O'Neill (Krassen), 1976; p. 113. O'Neill (Music of Ireland: 1850 Melodies), 1903; No. 1297, p. 243. O'Neill (Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems), 1907; No. 562, p. 104.

Recorded sources: -

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