Annotation:General Wayne's March

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X:1 T:General Wayne's March M:C L:1/8 R:March S:Holyoke - Instrumental Assistant (1800) K:D (A>G)|F2 E>F D2 d=c|B4 A4|GBGE FAFd|dcBc A4| A>B cd e2f2|g2 ab a3g|f2 ed A2c2|d6:| |:AB/c/|d2 f>d B2 e>d|c2 B>c A2 AB/c/|d2 f>d B2 e>d|c2 B>c A3A| dAAA dAAA|dAdA dAAA|dcBA BAGF|gfed edcB| A>Bcd e2f2|g3b a3g|gfed A2c2|d6:||

GENERAL WAYNE'S MARCH. American, March (whole time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The melody appears in Samuel Holyoke's Instrumental Assistant (Albany, 1800). General "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a hero of the Revolutionary War and was the commander selected by President George Washington to quell Indian unrest and punish the tribes of the Mohawk and Ohio Valleys in 1792. For the original British version of the tune, albeit distanced from the one printed by Holyoke, see "Tom Tollins." See also another, different, march called "General Wayne's New March," which appeared in Benjamin Carr's Military Amusement (New York, Philadelphia, 1796, p. 18).

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Printed sources : - Mattson & Walz (Old Fort Snelling/Fife), 1974; p. 62 (set as a duet for two fifes).

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