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 Theme code Index    5317 6655
 Also known as    General Wayne's March, Tom Fowler's Hornpipe, Tom Tullie's Hornpipe, Tom Tolley's, Tom Tully
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    England, Ireland
 Genre/Style    English, Irish
 Meter/Rhythm    Hornpipe/Clog, Set Dance
 Key/Tonic of    G
 Accidental    1 sharp
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    4/4
 History    ENGLAND(North West)
 Structure    AB, AABB
 Editor/Compiler    Biography:Rev. R. Harrison
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:Rev. R. Harrison music manuscript collection
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 206
 Year of publication/Date of MS    c. 1815
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
 Score   (1)   

X: 1 T:Tom Tolley's Hp,aka.206 T:Tom Fowler's Hp,aka. RH.206 R:.hornpipe B:Rev.R.Harrison's MS,c1815,Cumbria O:England A:Temple Sowerby,Cumbria Z:vmp.Simon Wilson. Review PJH, 2008. M:2/4 L:1/16 Q:1/4=85 F: K:G (cd)|(dc)(BA) Ggfg|e4 d4|(cd)(cB) (AB)(AG)|F4 E4| (DE)(FG) A2B2|(c3d/e/) d2c2|BAGA D2F2|G6:| |:d2|(g2bg) (e2ag)|f4 d4|g2bg e2ag|f4 d2ef|\ gddd gddd|gdgd gddd| g3f (ed)(cB)|ABAG F3E|\ DEFG A2B2|(c3d/e/) d2c2|BAGA D2F2|G6:|

X: 1 T:Tom Tolley's Hp,aka. JaW.225 M:2/4 L:1/16 Q:1/4=90 B:James Winder Ms, Lancashire, 1835-41 R:.Hornpipe O: A:England, Wyresdale Lancashire Z:vmp.Chris Partington, Aug 2004 F: K:G Bc|(dc)(BA) Ggfg|e4 d4| (cd)(cB) (AB)(AG)|F4E4| (DE)(FG) A2B2| c3d/e/ d2c2| BAGA D2F2| G6:| |:d2|g2(bg) e2(ag)| "tr"f4d4| g2(bg) e2(ag)| "tr"f4 d2ef| gddd gddd| gdgd gddd|g3f edcB| ABAG F3E| DEFG A2B2| c3d/e/ d2c2| BAGA D2F2| G6 :|

X:1 T:Tom Tulley's Hornpipe L:1/8 R:Hornpipe O:England B:Joshua Jackson ms (Geoff Bowen) N:Tom Fowlers in Winder, but 8-bar 2nd part Z:Richard Robinson K:G (Bc)|(dc)(BA) (Gg)(fg)| Te4 d4| cdcB ABAG| F4E4|! (DE)(FG) A2B2| (c3d/e/)d2 c2| BAGA D2F2| G6:| |:d2|g2bg e2ag| Tf4d4| g2ag e2ag| f4 d2ef|! gddd gddd| gdgd gddd|(g3f) (ed)(cB)| ABAG F3E|! DEFG A2B2| c3d/e/ d2c2| BAGA D2F2| G6 :|

X: 1 T:Tom Tollin’s Hornpipe M:4/4 L:1/16 S:Llewelyn Alaw MSS National Library of Wales. NLW MSS 329-337 R:Hornpipe Z:Mary Humphreys K:G B3c | d3cB3A G3gf3g | e8 d4 B4 | c3de3d c3BA3G | G3FA3F D3CB,3A, | B,3CD3E F3GA3B | c8 e4 d4 | c3BA3G D3GF3A | G4 B4 G4 :| |: d4 | g4 b3g d4 b4 | a8 g4 g4 | b3ag3f a3gf3e | e8 d4 d4 | g3dd3d a3dd3d | b3dd3d c'3dd3d | b3db3d c'3dc'3d | b3db3d c'3dc'3d | c'3ba3g f3ed3c| c8 a8 | a3gf3e d3cB3A | B8 g8 | g3fe3d c3BA3G | E8 e8 | d3cB3A D3GF3A|G4 B4 G4 :|]

X:0887 T:Tom Tolliss Hornpipe. Roose.0887. T:Tom Tolley's Hornpipe,aka. Roose.0887 T:Tom Fowler's Hornpipe,aka. Roose.0887 T:Tom Tollin's Hornpipe.aka. Roose.0887 T:Tom Tulley's Hornpipe,aka. Roose.0887 B:Roose MS, poss. Manchester, mid-late 19th century. N:Tom Tolleys in Joshua Jackson ms (Geoff Bowen) N:Tom Tully is in O'Neills as a set dance in 2/4 - but pretty much the same tune. N:General Wayne's March . N:It is known under various other titles, mostly mispellings, in other collections. N:The B part has 15 bars, as scored. R:.Hornpipe Z:Village Music Project.2019.Greg Bradfield-Smith. M:C| L:1/8 Q:1/4=120 K:F clef=treble cd|edcB Ffef|d4c4|B2 dB G2 AF|E4C4| A,CDE FGAB|c4B4|AFEF CFEG|F6:| |:c2|f2af c2 a2|g4f4|g2f2 egfe|d4c4| fccc gccc|accc bccc|acac bcbc|acac bcbc| a4 c2 ac|fedc B2 aB|A4 f4| dcBA G2AF|E4c4|AFEF CFEG|F6!fermata!:|

X:1 T:Tom Tullie’s Hornpipe M:C| L:1/8 R:Hornpipe N:Very Old B:Köhler’s Violin Repository vol. 3 (1885, p. 234) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G (Bc)|dcBA G(gfg)|e4 d4|cdcB ABAG|F4 E4| DEFG A2B2|c2 (cd)d2c2|BAGF E2F2|G6:|| d2 |g2 bg e2 ag|f4d4|g2 bg e2 ag|f4 d2 ef| (gd)dd (gd)dd|gdgd (gd)dd|g2f2 (ed)cB|ABAG F2E2| DEFG A2B2|c2 (de)d2c2|BAGF E2F2|G6!D.C.!||

X:2 T:Tom Tolley’s Hornpipe M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Hornpipe K:G B/c/|d/c/B/A/ G/g/f/g/|e2 d2|c/d/c/B/ A/B/A/G/|F2E2|D/E/F/G/ AB| c>d/2e/4 dc|B/A/G/A/ DF|G3::d|gb/g/ ea/g/|f2d2| ga/g/ ea/g/|f2 de/f/|g/d/d/d/ g/d/d/d/|g/d/g/d/ g/d/d/d/|g>f e/d/c/B/| A/B/A/G/ F>E|D/E/F/G/ AB|c>d/2e/4 dc|B/A/G/A/ DF|G3:|]

X:1 T:Tom Tully M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Set Dance S:O’Neill – O’Neill’s Irish Music (1915) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G (B/c/) | (d/c/B/A/) (B/g/f/g/) | e2d2 | (c/d/)(c/B/) (A/B/)(A/G/) | F3E2 | D/E/F/G/ AB | (c>d/2e/4) dc | B/A/G/A/ EF | G3 :: d | g(b/g/) e(a/g/) | f2d2 | gb/g/ ea/g/ | f2 de/f/ | g/d/d/d/ g/d/d/d/ | g/d/g/d/ g/d/d/d/ | g>f e/d/c/B/ | A/B/A/G/ F>E | D/E/F/G/ AB |(c>d/2e/4) dc|B/A/G/A/ EF | G3 :|]

X: 1 T:Tom Tully B:Terry "Cuz" Teahan "Sliabh Luachra on Parade" 1980 Z:Patrick Cavanagh M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Set Dance F: K:G Bc | dcBA Bgfg | e4 d4 | cdcB ABAG | F4 D4 | DEFG A2B2 | c2de d2c2 | BAGA E2F2 | G6 :| | d2 | g2bg e2ag | f4 d4 | g2bg e2ag | f4 d2ef | gddd gddd | gdgd gddd | g2f2 edcB | ABAG F2E2 | DEFG A2B2 | c2de d2c2 | BAGA E2F2 | G6 :||