Annotation:Gigue pomponnette

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X:1 T:Gigue pomponnette N:From the 1928 recording by Isidore Soucy (1899-1962, Montreal) at the N:Virtual Gramphone M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Bluebird B-4871 (78 RPM), Isidore Soucy (1936) B:Duval - La Musique de Isidore Soucy (2017, No. 203) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G gfgb afdf|[M:3/2]e2c2 Bddf gfed|[M:C|]gfgb afdf|egfa g2(ga| g)fab afdf|e>c cc Bddf|gfga bgaf|[M:3/2]gedc BdAc BGG2:|| [M:C|]GDB,D DGBG|[M:3/2]BGAF AGFE DCB,A,|[M:C|]G,-B,D-F GABG|ceAc BGG2| DCB,D GABG|cGBG AGFA|GGB,D GABG|ceAc BGG2||

GIGUE POMPONNETTE (Pumpkin Jig). AKA and see "Reel des chasseurs," "Reel de l'enfant." French-Canadian, Reel (cut and 3/2 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. "Gigue pomponnette" is Isidore Soucy's interpretation of Montreal fiddler Joseph Allard's (1873-1947) Reel de l'enfant <div class="mw-ext-score" data-midi="/w/images/lilypond/k/f/kfvdwtk89f8bau7fjv2g6wd54s7q62l/kfvdwtk8.midi"><img src="/w/images/lilypond/k/f/kfvdwtk89f8bau7fjv2g6wd54s7q62l/kfvdwtk8.png" width="685" height="64" alt=" X:1 L:1/8 M:C| K:G df|:{a}gfgb afdf|e~c3 BAAf|{a}gfgb afdf|egfa g2d2| "/></div>, recorded in 1928.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Jean Duval (La Musique de Isidore Soucy 1899-1962) 2017; No. 203, p. 102.

Recorded sources: -Bluebird B-4871 (78 RPM), Isidore Soucy (1936).

Hear Isidore Soucy's 1936 recording at the Virtual Gramophone [1]

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