Annotation:Grand Conversation of Napoleon (The)

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GRAND CONVERSATION OF NAPOLEON, THE. AKA and see "Under the Rose (1)," "Captain Rock (3)," "Captain Rocke's (1)," "Pratie Apples," "McKenna's Dream," "Bold Sportsman (The)," "Carpenter's March." Irish, English; Song Air. F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. A favorite tune for street ballads in the mid-19th century. The 'grand conversation' theme was adopted by songwriters for several songs, including "The Grand Conversation Under the Rose," "The Grand Conversation on O'Connell," and "The Grand Conversation on Brave Nelson."

Ye war-beaten tribes,
Who were friends of brave Bonaparte
Who come to view the rocks and cliffs
On St. Helen's shore;
The wind it blew a hurricane
And the lightning on our decks did flash
The gulls they were screaming
And the billows loud did roar.
"Those proud waves," the stranger said
As he viewed that lone and dreary spot
Where once Napoleon Bonaparte
His painful eyes did close;
"While in the grave his bones may rot
His name will never be forgot
The grand conversation of Napoleon arose.

See also note for "Annotation:Napoleon's Farewell to Paris."

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