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X: 1 T:Valse à Philippe Bruneau E:12 Z:Roger Négaret (94-95) R:valse C:Guy Loyer S: A:Québec M:3/4 L:1/16 K:C Q:1/4=140 c2 B2A2 |G2E2 C2E2 A2E2 | G6c2 B2A2 | G2E2 C2E2 A2E2 |F6c2 B2A2 B2A2 G2B2 A2G2 |B6B2 B2A2 |1G2B2 G2B2 G2F2 |E6 :|2 G2B2 G2F2 E2D2 |C8 |: G2c2 | e2c2 G2c2 G2c2 |e2c2 G2c2 G2c2 |f2d2 G2d2 G2d2 |f2d2 G2d2 G2d2 | g2e2 G2e2 G2e2 |g2e2 G2e2 G2e2 |f2d2 B2G2 A2B2 |1 c8 :|2 c6 |]

HOMMAGE À PHILIPPE BRUNEAU [2]. This tune, composed by Québec accordionist Guy Loyer, and dedicated to his mentor Philippe Bruneau, is not to confused with Valse Philippe (strictly, La Valse à Philippe), by Gilles Losier, also dedicated to Bruneau, and also known as Hommage à Philippe Bruneau. Loyer's tune is very well known in Québec.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Recorded by Sharon Shannon on Sharon Shannon (1993) incorrectly titled Valse d'hiver (which is a different tune, by Danielle Martineau).

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