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X:1 T:Howard Sett M:6/8 L:1/8 N:”Titus” was written by Homan to the right of the title. Titus is mentioned N:frequently in Homan’s mss. as a composer and seems to have been a musical friend or N:partner. N:There are obviously several figures in this quadrille set, but sections and N:repeats were not indicated in my photocopy of the manuscript. S:Isaac Homan manuscript (mid-19th century, Long Island, NY) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:C f|e2c A2c|{F}E3 EFG|AcB Bec|dcB cBA| c2A a2f|ecA a2f|ecA B2c|A3 A2|| ABc Bcd|ce3 ^def|ecA {c}B2c|{f}ecA E2E| ABc Bcd|cde ^def|ecB {c}B2c|A3 A2|| EAc e3|f2e d2c|BGF E3|cGB A3| EAc e3|f2e (a2c)|f2B d2G|AEc A2|| (EA)|cBd cBA|E3 EAB|(cfe) (Bdc)|A3 EAB| cBd cBA|E3 EAB|cfe Bec|A3|| ecd|ecd|ecd e2 c/d/|ecf ecA|B3 z2A/B/| cBd cBA|{F}E3 z2A/B/|cfe Bd>c|A2 A2|| EEE|A2A B2B|c3 BcB|A2A c2c|B3 EEE| A2A B2B|c3 BcB|A2A BcA|A3|| c3 (dB)e|c2A EAB|c3 (edB)|A3 EAB| c3 dBe|c2A EAB|c3 edB|A3|| eee|c2c A2A|E3 efg|aed cBA|e3 eee| c2c A2A|E3 efg|aed cBA|e3|| K:A M:2/4 E|AEA/ cA/c/|ef/e/ B>c|{c}dE {c}dE|c/d/B/c/ A/E/C/E/| AE/A/ cA/c/|ef/e/ B>c|{d}eE c/e/c/B/|AcA|| B/>B/B/>B/ .d.B|g/>g/g/>g/ .g.g|f/>f/f/>f/ .g.f|e/>e/e/>e/ ge| d/d/d/d/ cB|g/>g/g/>g/ ag|f/f/f/f/f .g.f|ege|| e2^df|e2 cd|(f/e/)c dB|c2 g/c/g| e2 ^df|e2 c/d/|f/e/c/A/ e/d/B/G/|A2B2A2|| K:D A,(3D/D/D/D D>D|D/E/F/E/ D/B,/B/A,/|(3E/E/E/E E>F|E/D/E/F/ G/F/E/D/| (3A/A/A/A A>B|A/F/A/B/ dd/e/|f/e/d/B/ B/A/F/B/|A/F/d/F/ E|| F/G/|Ad dB/A/|d/e/f/e/ d/B/B/A/|(3e/e/e/ ee e/f/|g/f/e/d/ d/c/B/A/| f/a/e/f/ dd/B/|A/F/A/B/ d/d/e/|f/e/d/B/ B/A/F/B/|A/F/d/F/ E|| M:6/8 A2f fef|g2f gfg|afd d^cd|ecA ABc|fgf gfg| a2f gab|afd gec|dAF GFE|| DFA DFA|DGB DGB|DFA DFA|A,CE A,CE| DFA DFA|DGB DGB|egf edc|dAF D3||

HOWARD SETT. American, Quadrille Sett (6/8 & 2/4 time). A Minor & A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). The "Howard Sett" of quadrille melodies was entered into the first book (pp. 6-7) of 19th century Bellport, Long Island, shipbuilder and fiddler biography:Isaac Homan's music manuscript collection. There are a few brief notations of dance figures penciled in the ms. with the tune--not apparently so much as to record the figures of the dance, but seemingly to prompt or remind the musician of his/her place in the musical course of the dance. Homan was involved in community music in his Bellport town, and evidently had (or was a member) of a dance band. There are a number of quadrilles in his mss.

The name "Titus" appears to the left of the "Howard Sett" title. Homan associates Titus with many tunes in the mss, and attributes a number to Titus. The names of some of Titus' quadrille sets are first names such as "Howard" and "Martin." He may also have been the primary composer or arranger of tunes for the community musical group, and/or a primary musician. His first name is not mentioned, but judging from the frequency his name appears he seems to have been a person of great significance to Homan.

A tune entitled "Nelson's Chase" may have been part of this quadrille (as the Finale), and appears with it on p. 7 of the mss.

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