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X: 1 T:Finnish Polka R:polka D:Kevin Burke: Up Close N:From Henrik Norbeck's Collection Z:id:hn-polka-41 M:2/4 L:1/8 K:Bm B>B Bc|dB Bd|cA Ac|d/c/B/A/ BF|B>B Bc|dB B2|ef/e/ dc|B2 B2:| |:f>d df|ec cd|ef/e/ dc|Bc de|f>d df|ec cd|ef/e/ dc|B2 B2:|

IEVAN POLKKA (Eva's Polka). AKA - "Finnish Polka," "Levan Polka," "Savitaipaleen Polkka." Traditional Finnish polka, with song words written in the 1930's by Eino Kettunen. The correct Finnish form of "Eva's" is "Ievan;" the variant name "Levan" is a misreading of a capital I as a lower-case L. A verse of Finnish folk singing group Loituma's a cappella version became an internet hit in 2006 when it was used for the background of a looped flash animation of a girl twirling a leek, so the tune is sometimes called Leekspin. It is often played in A minor.

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Recorded sources : - Jeff Anderson, Jane Johnson: Nordic Spirit (Voyager 364). Loituma: Things of Beauty (Northside NSD6010). Kevin Burke: Up Close (Green Linnet GLCD 1052)

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