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KINLOCH OF KINLOCH [4]. AKA and see: "I’m married and can’t come," "Marquis of Granby (The)," "Miss Cambilina’s Delight," "Miss Kezia’s Wish," "Nolan the Soldier," "Over the Water," "Over the Water to Charlie," "Pott Stick (The)," "Seán Buí," "Seán Buidhe,” "Shamboy"/"Shambuy," "Wishaw’s Delight," "Yellow John (1)." Irish, Scottish; Jig and Air (6/8 time). Communication from An tAthair Seán Ó Coinn (05/2014): "This is the air of which Breandán Breathnach, when discussing tunes borrowed by the Munster poets of the eighteenth century to which they penned their verses, says (Folk Music and Dance of Ireland, Cork, 1971, p. 32): “Seán Buí, the Scots Over the Water to Charlie, which is still played as a jig, was a particular favourite, and at least fifteen songs were written to it.” He doesn’t list any of the fifteen plus songs, but the following ten songs, not necessarily by Munster poets, are set to the air: “Seán Buidhe” by Eibhlín Ní Chaoilte, “A’ taisteal na sléibhte dham” by Eoghan Rua Ó Súilleabháin, “Teacht na nGéana Fiadhaine” by Seághan Ua Cuinneagáin , “Come boat me o’er the water to Charlie”, Kane O’Hara’s “Think not, lewd Jove”, “The Boys of the Irish Brigade, O”, “My loyal heart is light and free”, “Ye lads of true spirit, pay courtship to claret”, “The morning we’re married, how funny how jolly”, “Ye great of my country, how long will ye slumber?”. (The main sources for that list are Aloys Fleischmann and An tAthair Pádruig Breathnach.) An alternate Scots title is "Over the Water to Charlie," a reference to the Jacobite Bonnie Prince Charlie."

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