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 Theme code Index    1562 1561H
 Also known as    Blow the Wind Southerly, Kinloch, Kinloch of Kinloch, Ligrum Cush, Lacrum Cosh, Marquis of Granby (The), Marquess of Granby (The), Over the Water to Charlie (2), Pot Stick, Shamboy, Shambuy (The), Shambuie (The), Shanbuie, Shaun Buee, Seán Buidhe, Wishaw's Delight, Yellow John (1)
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    England, Ireland
 Genre/Style    Irish
 Meter/Rhythm    Jig/Quadrille, March/Marche
 Key/Tonic of    D
 Accidental    2 sharps
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    6/8
 Editor/Compiler    Biography:John Johnson
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances vol. 4
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 11
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1748
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
 Score   ()   

X:4 T:Shambuy M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig S:Rutherford’s Collection of 60 Choice Country Dances (1754) Z:Bruce Olson K:D D2A AFA|B/2c/2dF ~E2D|D2A AFA|B3d3| D2A AFA|B/2c/2dF E2D|(d/2e/2f/)d c/2d/2ec|B3d3:| |:d/2e/2fd c/2d2ec|B/2c/2dF ~E2D|d/2e/2fd c/2d/2ec|B3d3| d/2e/2fd c/2d/2ec|B/2c/2dF ~E2D|D2A AFA|B3d3:|]

X:6 T:Shamboy M:6/8 L:1/8 B:Thompson’s Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances, vol. 1 (London, 1757) Z:Transcribed and edited by Fynn Titford-Mock, 2007 Z:abc’s:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G G2d dBd|(e/f/g)B TA2G|G2d dBd|e3 g3|G2d dBd|(e/f/g)B TA2G|(g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f|e3 g3:| |:(g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f|(e/f/g)B TA2G|(g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f|e3 g3|(g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f|(e/f/g)B TA2G|G2d dBd|e3 g3:||

X:1 T:Shanbuie M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig Q: “Lively” B:Oswald – Caledonian Pocket Companion, Book 11 (1760, p. 131) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G G(B/c/)d dBd|ege dBG|G(B/c/)d dBd|Te3 g3| G(B/c/)d dBd|ege dBG|gbg faf|e3g3:| |:gbg faf|ege dBG|gbg faf|Te3g3| (g/a/b)g faf|ege dBG|G(B/c/)d dBd|e3 g3:| |:BGB dBG|cAc ecA|BGB dBd|e3 g3| G2g fdf|ece dBG|g2e afd|e3 g3:| |:(bg)g (ge)e|(ed)d (dB)B|(ba)g (ba)g|Te3 g3| (b2g)(a2e)|(g2d (e2g)|G(B/c/)d dBd|e3 g3:| |:TB2G (B/c/d)G|(B/c/d)G Te2d|B2G ABd|e3 g3| TB2G (B/c/d)G|(e/f/g)e (f/g/a)f|(g/a/b)g f/g/af|Te3 g3:| |:(ba)g (ag)e|(ge)d (ed)B|(ba)g (af)d|e3g3| (ba)g (ag)e|(ge)d TB2g|G(B/c/)d dBd|Te3 g3:|]

X:1 T:Shambuy M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig B:Samuel, Anne & Peter Thompson – The Hibernian Muse (London, 1787, No. 41, p. 25) N:”A Collection of the most Favorite Compositions of Carolan the Celebrated Irish Bard” Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G G2d dBd|(e/f/g)B TA2G|G2d dBd|e3g3| G2d dBd|(e/f/g)B TA2G|(g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f|e3g3:| |:(g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f|(e/f/g)B TA2G|(g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f|e3g3| (g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f|(e/f/g)B TA2G|G2d dBd|e3g3:|]

X:3 T:Shambuy M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig S:Henry Livingston’s manuscript copybook, late 18th century (New York) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G G2d dBd | (3e/f/gB TA2G | G2d dBd | e3g3| G2d dBd | e/f/gB TA2G | (g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f | e3g3:| |:g/a/bg f/g/af | (e/f/g)B TA2G | (g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f | e3g3| (g/a/b)g (f/g/a)f | (3e/f/g)B TA2G| G2d dBd|e3g3:|

X:2 T:Shaun Buee. with Variations M:6/4 L:1/8 R:Air S:O’Farrell – Pocket Companion, vol. 1 (c. 1805) pp. 66-67 Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D AG | F2D2D2 A2G2F2 | B2c2e2 (BA)(GF)(ED) | F2D2D2 A2G2F2 | B4c2 d4 AG | F2D2D2 A2G2F2 | B3c d2 (BA)(GF)(ED) | d2f2a2 (fe)(dc)(BA) | B4c2d4 :: A | d2f2a2 (fe)(dc)(BA) | (BA)(Bc)(dc) (BA)(GF)(ED) | f2d2d2 (fe)(dc)(BA) | B4c2 d4 eg | f2d2d2 (fe)(dc)(BA) | (BA)(Bc)(dc) (BA)(GF)(ED) | (FE)(DE)(FG) A2F2A2 | B4c2d4 :: FE | (3DED AFDF (3EFE BGEG | (3FGF dAFd (BA)(GF)(ED) | D>FAFDF E>GBGE>g | fabgec dBAGFE | D>FAFDF E>GBGEG | FAdAFd (BA)(GF)(ED) | d2f2a2 (fe)(dc)(BA) | B4 cB/c/ d4 :: (eg) | (fd)(Ad)(fd) (fe)(dc)(BA) | BdFdBd (BA)(GF)(ED) | (fa)(df)(eg) (fe)(dc)(BA) | B4 c2 {B/c/}d4A2 | d2f2a2 (fe)(dc)(BA) | (BA)(Bc)(dc) (BA)(GF)(ED) | (FE)(DE)(FG) (AG)(FG)(AF) | B4 c2 {B/c/}d4 :|

X:1 T:Seán buíde M:6/8 L:1/8 N:c.f. "Over the Water to Charlie (2)" B: Henry Philerin Hudson - Collection of Irish Music, vol. 1 (c. 1840-50, No. 54) B: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D D|DFA AFA|BdG FEF|DFA AFA|B2c d2 F/E/| DFA AFA|BGB AFD|dfd ecA|B2c d2|| A|dfd edc|Bcd FED|dfd ecA|B2c d2A| dfd edc|BdG FEF|DFA AFA|B>dc/e/ d2||

X:5 T: Seán buíde M:6/8 L:1/8 B:Stanford/Petrie – Complete Collection, No. 1226 (1905) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G G2d dBd|(e/f/gB) TA2G|G2d dBd|e3 g3| G2d dBd|e/f/gB A2G|g/a/bg f/g/af|e3 g3:| |:g/a/bg f/g/af|(e/f/gB) TA2G|g/a/bg f/g/af|e3 g3| (g/a/bg) (f/g/af)|e/f/gB TA2G|G2d dBd|e3 g3:||

X:1 T:Seán Buí M:6/8 L:1/8 K:G Major GBd eBd|efg dBA|GBd eBd|e2 f g3| GBd eBd|efg dBd|bag agf|e2 f g3:| bag agf|efg dBd|bag agf|e2 a a3| bag agf|efg dBA|GBd eBd|e2 f g3:|