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KISS WALTZ [2]. Old-Time, Schottische. G Major: D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Despite the word 'waltz' in the title the tune is a schottische, from the playing of Glen Lyn, Giles County, Virginia, fiddler Henry Reed. He played the tune for folklorist Alan Jabbour twice, in the key of G and another time in the key of D in October, 1967. The first strain (high) is from "Rainbow Schottische" (see Annotation:Rainbow Schottische), and (as Alan Jabbour notes [1]) in "Right Foot Left Foot," (Morris, Old Time Violin Melodies, No. 14) and "Arizona's Pioneer Schottische" (Viola Ruth, Pioneer Western Folk Tunes, p. 45). The third strain, Jabbour finds, is "an insertion of another schottische, usually known as '<incipit title="load:Crystal" width=850 link=" Schottische">Crystal Schottische</incipit>'; an example appears in "American Fiddle Tunes" (Library of Congress, AFS L62), 'Two-Step Schottische [Crystal Schottische]'."

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Hear Alan Jabbour's 1967 field recording of Henry Reed playing the tune at the LOC American Memory [2]

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