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X:1 T:Lady John Scott M:C L:1/8 R:Strathspey S:Marshall - 1845 Collection Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A A<E A>c B>A B<c|e<c B>A BA F2|A<E A>c B>A B<c|e<c B>c A/A/A A2| A<E A>c B>A B<c|e<c B>A BA F2|A<E A>c B>A B<c|e<c B>c A/A/A A2|| A/a/g/a/ f/e/d/c/ d/e/f/e/ d/c/B/A/|B/c/d/c/ d/c/B/A/ B>A F2| A/a/g/a/ f/e/d/c/ d/e/f/g/ ac|B>ABc A/A/A A2|A/a/g/a/ f/e/d/c/ d/e/f/e/ d/c/B/A/| B/c/d/c/ e/d/B/A/ B>A F2|A<E A>c B>A B<c e>cB>c A/A/A A2||

LADY JOHN SCOTT. AKA and see "Balloon (The)." Scottish, Strathspey. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by William Marshall (1748–1833). Lady John Scott (1810–1900) is Alicia Anne Spottiswoode, the eldest daughter of John Spottiswoode, Esq. of Spottiswoode, Berwickshire. Her mother, Helen Wauchope, was second daughter of Andrew Wauchope, Esq. of Niddrie-Mains, near Edinburgh. Alicia married Lord John Douglas Scott, second son of Charles, fourth Duke of Buccleuch, in March, 1836. Alicia was a great historian and the author of many famous ballads, including "Annie Lawrie," "Durisdeer" and "Think on Me" (see note for "Annie Laurie"). See also the companion title "Lord John Scott."

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Printed sources : - Marshall (Fiddlecase Edition), 1978; 1845 Collection, p. 28. McGlashan (Collection of Reels), c. 1781; p. 32 (as "The Bolloon").

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