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X: 1 T:Larry Redican's (Jig) [1] C:Traditional Irish Z:Gordon Turnbull, Edinburgh R:Jig M:6/8 L:1/8 F: K:G GFG BAB | g2 {a}f gab | GFG BAB | dBG {G}A2 B | GFG BAB | g2 {a}f gab | {c}age {ag}edB | dBG {G}A2 B :|] ege {ag}edB | ded dBd | ege {ag}edB | dBG {G}A2 B | ege {ag}edB | ded def | gfg ege | dBG {G}A2 B :|] "variations" G{A}G{F}G B{c}B{A}B | g{a}g{f}g {f}gab | G{A}G{F}G B{c}B{A}B | dBG {G}A2 B | G{A}G{F}G B{c}B{A}B | g{a}g{f}g {f}gab | {c}age {agf}edB | dBG {G}A2 {A}B :|] {d}e{a}e{d}e {ag}edB | d{c}d{fdg}d dBd | {d}e{a}e{d}e {ag}edB | dBG A{c}A{G}A | {d}e{a}e{d}e {ag}edB | d{c}d{fdg}d def | g{a}g{f}g {d}e{a}e{d}e | dBG {G}A2 B :|]"end" A2 G4 |]

LARRY REDICAN'S JIG [1]. AKA and see "Duchess of Hamilton's Delight," "Forest (The)," "Legacy (2) (The)," "Skiver the Quilt (1)," "Tailor's Wedding (The)." The "Larry Redican's" title honors the influential 20th century New York fiddler of that name, and comes form Jack & Fr. Charlie Coen's "Branch Line" album. Early printings of the jig are in R.M. Levey's Dance Music of Ireland (1858) as "Skiver the Quilt (1)" and in O'Neill's Music of Ireland (1903) as "The Tailor's Wedding," however, the tune is usually known as "The Legacy," particularly by County Clare musicians. See also Scottish tune family antecedents can be found as Gow's "Forest (The)," the Gaelic port-a-beul "Fosgail an dorus," and (as in O'Neill) "Tailor's Wedding (The)." Scottish and Irish versions are both intertwined, but Gow maintained the provenance was "Irish".

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Recorded sources : - Green Linnet Records, Jack and Charlie Coen - "The Branch Line" (1992. Reissue of Topic Records album recorded in 1977).

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